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Assessment of Student Learning and Evaluation of Nursing Program Outcomes is "OUR" Business.  

Dr. Suzette Scheuermann PhD, MSN, RN


The Nurse Examiner LLC. 

Is the program of nursing and faculty anticipating a survey for initial accreditation or reaccreditation?  Are students, the courses and the curriculum achieving the desired outcomes of the Nursing Program? 

Review the Journey to Curriculum Revision.

How can we help?

Our consultants can assist with committee development, identification and measurement of student learning outcomes, curriculum revision, data analysis, and systematic program evaluation. 

Faculty Involvement in Assessment: Our consultants can work with faculty to revise curricula and assist with development and assessment of measureable learning outcomes.  Faculty use these methodologies to evaluate student learning and outcomes of the program.   

Systematic Assessment: Our consultants work with your nursing faculty to comprehensively assess the nursing program and its outcomes.  Strategies are implemented that assist faculty to systematically evaluate the program using existing data or to develop new methodologies using the existing curriculum. 

Evidence of Assessment: Our consultants work with faculty to develop an extensive process document that provides useful documentation to site surveyors.

We conduct complimentary Mock Accreditation Surveys!  What are the surveyors saying?

  • We assist with development and review of the self-study document and systematic plan of evaluation prepared by the program in anticipation of their accreditation survey.
  • We visit the campus and conduct a 1-2 day review of the program using standards from NLNAC or CCNE depending on the program's accreditor.
  • We provide a detailed evaluation report of the program's evidence of compliance with accreditation standards and provide detailed recommendations and feedback for any improvements.

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